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Somerby, The 70th Commemoration

This one hour long film (DVD) chronicles the 70th Commemoration of the 10th Battalion The Parachute Regiment held over one weekend in September 2014 at Somerby. A poignant and beautiful portrayal of the village and events. It features an interview with Gerry Dimmock, an Arnhem 10th Battalion Veteran as well as Joyce, an ex Land Army girl. Filmed in striking high definition by the PIXEL CAFE.

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I played the piano and made the tea

Is the story of Private Alec Wilson, 10th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment

The Battalion was stationed in and around Somerby in 1944

Alec was HQ Company Clerk to Tenth’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Ken Smyth. They jumped together from the same airplane into The Battle of Arnhem.  Alec was ultimately to end up as a prisoner of war in Czechoslovakia, Ken Smyth died from his wounds about a month after the battle. 

All net proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to SUPPORT OUR PARAS

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From Delhi To Arnhem

This book is a “living history” based on extensive discussions with men who served in the 156 Parachute Battalion, their families and members of the Dutch Resistance. The Battalion’s story, in particular the events at Arnhem, is clarified and brought to life by these previously unpublished accounts. The fortunes of twelve young soldiers from the Battalion are traced throughout, giving a vivid and human focus.

The narrative follows the formation of the Battalion in India in 1941, when parachuting to war was a new and relatively untried concept. The Battalion was later transferred to Egypt, Palestine, then Tunisia for further training and in 1943 saw action against the Germans for the first time as part of the Allied invasion of Italy.

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Grahame Warner's definitive history of The Tenth Battalion The Parachute Regiment

Arnhem; Eight Days to Oblivion

The History of the 10th Battalion 1942-44 from Egypt to the Battle of Arnhem

The story of this now legendary regiment, forged in the heat of the North African desert and destroyed in eight days in the woods and houses of Oosterbeek, Arnhem. A 'must' read for anyone interested in Parachute Regiment history and the Battle of Arnhem.

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Desert Rise - Arnhem Descent

A History of The 10th Battalion The Parachute Regiment during WW2

Compiled largely from The Battalion War Diary and interviews with members of The Battalion, including Branch Members, Harry Houghton, Jonny Stillwell and Gerry Dimmock. This weighty volume follows 'The Tenth' from its formation in the desert of North Africa to its destruction during the eight days of Operation Market Garden. 

Only 400 limited edition copies published so hurry to get your copy by contacting Niall Cherry at The Arnhem Fellowship.

Niall Cherry

3, Church Road

telephone 01772 853192