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Taff P has added this magazine article about Lulu Belle, It is likely that this aircraft also carried a stick from 156Bn to Arnhem?

Radfan 1964, these lads are 2 or 3 Para one is Paul Duncan, does anyone out there know which one?

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1960 Maida Barracks
left to right; Taff P, Pte Shave, Pte David Heywood, Pte Alan Jones
Libya December 1964
left to right: Charley Bazely, Taff P, Dicky Cox, Jock Riddick
Libya 1963 Taff P




Corporal Alan S strikes a pose!



Jack G, our branch photographer ‘par excellance’, has sent this great picture of the Parachute Regiment Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum
Version 2


A trip down memory lane from Taff H

Scan 6

RAF Argosy at Bahrain by Taff H


ScanScan 7Scan 3Scan 4Scan 2Scan 10Scan 12Scan 5

The Old Church Oosterbeek after the Battle of Arnhem and below,

the tree outside the church regrown after a direct hit by a mortar

Scan 11
Scan 1The National Memorial Arboretum